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The corporate design of a company is of great importance, from the logo, stationery, brochures, advertising and website through to any support material such as banners and vehicle livery. Any company, large or small, needs to protect its identity because it delivers a message and reflect the integrity of that company.


A complete rebranding project for Dorney Court Kitchen Garden and Landscapes, the aim was to create a unique identity by calling on the past, the pineapple was first grown in England in these very gardens over 300 years ago and has since become a symbol of welcome.  From the distinctive pineapple logo I produced the stationery, the square brochure, which opens to landscape for the landscaping part of the company, and in cooperation with Zerotouch the website, I was also responsible for designing the signage, subsequent literature and taking the photographs.

The Pineapple Logo

The designs were developed from what 17th century artists thought a pineapple looked like, combined with some embellishment and a classic font produced these distinctive logos, one for the garden centre and the other for the landscaping side of the company.


Dorney Court Kitchen Garden Landscapes Brochure

The square brochure depended on existing photographs, (later to be updated the following year), with text extolling the virtues of a beautiful garden.

Dorney Court Brochure

Dorney Court Kitchen Garden Stationery

The stationery for both the Kitchen Garden and Landscapes had the pineapple logo and watermark, differing only with the business cards whereby the Kitchen Garden were in portrait and the Landscapes were in landscape.

DCKG stationery

Dorney Court Kitchen Garden Signage

We created and had produced all the signage for the Kitchen Garden, along with plinths located round the garden centre promoting the landscaping part of the business.

DCKG signage

Dorney Court Kitchen Garden Leaflets

The design and printing of leaflets along with other promotional material.

DCKG Christmas

Dorney Court Kitchen Garden Website

The design and production of the Dorney Court Kitchen Garden website in collaboration with Zerotouch.  The site is welcoming, along with being informative and changing with the seasons.

DCKG website
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