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The corporate design of a company is of great importance, from the logo, stationery, brochures, advertising and website through to any support material such as banners and vehicle livery. Any company, large or small, needs to protect its identity because it delivers a message and reflect the integrity of that company.


The Fee Group, a gaming, on-line gaming and travel gaming company required an update to their logo that would keep the style of the original and yet be versatile enough for future developments. This also meant that the company required new stationery, new brochures for the casinos and affiliated casinos around the world, along with adverts and a website.

The Fee Logo

Keeping the recognised Balmoral font, the logo was redesigned with a drop shadow along with the wide spaces CLUB and the capital ‘F’ watermark in the background.

Fee Logo

The Fee Brochure

The Fee Group required an elegant brochure that would fit in the pocket, yet still showed the range of products and services provided, it also promoting their associates and their world wide destinations.


Fee Brochure

The Fee Stationery

The logo was ornate enough, so the stationery was kept clean and simple.

Fee Stationery

The Fee Casino Collection

A small brochure promoting the Fee Group associated casinos around the world.

Fee Casino Collection

The Fee Casino Adverts

Two adverts for the on-line gaming company, promoting their associates and their world wide destinations.

Fee Casino Adverts

The Fee AeroPlay

A series of leaflets in different languages promoting the pleasure of on-line gaming from the comfort of your aeroplane seat.

Fee AeroPlay

The Fee Website

The design and production of the Fee Group website in collaboration with Zerotouch.

Fee Website
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