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The corporate design of a company is of great importance, from the logo, stationery, brochures, advertising and website through to any support material such as banners and vehicle livery. Any company, large or small, needs to protect its identity because it delivers a message and reflect the integrity of that company.


ULS a light aeroplane surveillance company commissioned me to produce a distinctive look for the company that encapsulated what they do. Within the brief I designed the brochure, stationery and website, along with a variety of liveries for the different police forces around the world that would be working with ULS.

What keeps the aeroplane in the air is the propeller, so the yellow and black logo was developed because the microlights look and sound like wasps, in the centre of the propeller is also an eye, (an eye in the sky).

The ULS Logo

The one thing that keeps a microlight in the air is the propeller, and using the yellow and black from nature and the eye in the middle, helps to create this distinctive logo.

ULS Logo

The ULS Brochure

The over size A4 brochure shows potential clients the different areas within which these surveillance aircraft can operate, along with a range of liveries.  The oversize allows capacity in the back cover to hold A4 documentation.

ULS Brochure

The ULS Stationery

The stationery was kept relatively simple, making the logo stand out, with a watermark of the propeller in the background.

ULS Stationery

The ULS Aircraft Livery

The versatile aircraft was presented to police forces around the world each of which required liveries that were in keeping with their local needs.

ULS Aircraft Livery

The ULS Icons

The three areas of the company were Surveillance (Police and Security), Marine Support (Offshore Security and Scientific) and Environmental (Game Conservation).

ULS Icons

The ULS Aircraft Website

The website was designed to show the range of areas in which the microlight can operate, the amount of equipment that can be carried and the shear flexibility of these little aircrafts.

ULS Aircraft Website
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